Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Another one of those Jox-isms!

Life is difficult, full of trials, pain and sorrow,
but... if you fall down, just stand up stright, be
confident and ask..... yavano bolimaga thalliddu?


Monday, August 22, 2005


Colin Mochrie: You know, for as long as I can remember, I've had memories.

-Whose Line Is It Anyway

Man do I love this show : )

Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Here comes the Milestone

I have officially reached the first milestone of my life; I have now lived for exactly a quarter of a century on this third rock from the sun. [Bowing to all the applause]

Man, has it been a great journey so far, I don’t regret anything that I have said and done… actually, I would like to edit a few things that I have said, but then, what the heck!

I landed on this planet on a dark and stormy night …or was it a blazing sunny noon, I am not exactky sure of that, because I never bothered to ask my mom about it. Anyways, the earliest memory I have is the green all around me, the green mountains, the green fields, the green people… hmmm, ok edit the green people out. all this green is my earliest memory of Mangalore. The land I was born in, the land of mountains and sea, the heaven of fish and pork, the land of the angry sun and stary skys, the land of a million flies! After this for the next four years my memory is all blurred, but I remember shitting on that uncle who used to make the ugliest of baby faces. Now fast forward to my fourth year and there I am dropping coconuts on my cousins head in Bangalore. I was a born rowdy and I am proud of it. ; )

My childhood is the best time of my life so far, except for all the injuries on others and me. School was the best part of it all. Those white washed walls and the blue and white uniforms, the super sized teachers whom we called ‘Miss’, which I will never know why because all of them were definitely married, the big tamarind tree in the playground under which we kids shared ghost stories, the lagori, hide-n-seek and lock and key,the story books and messed up scinece models, the stage on which I goofed around so much, the benches with our names carved on them and the ink spots on the roof aimed precisely by aspiring sharp shooters. Oh and all those friends, the best I have ever had.

This memory is my Neverland, my bliss and my strength.

After school, life became this fast paced hunting trip. With every year my agendas and resolutions became more mundane and dull. College passed in a jiffy and then came the time to work. And then came the realization that I am not a Police Inspector like I dreamed of being(after watching a Malashree movie) but the thing I most hated, a scientist! [waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan : (]

Actually, being grown up and ‘responsible’ is not that bad, in spite of all the hectic schedule and ass kissing and back stabbing, all the heartbrakes and tears and all the anxiety and BP rise, I still get to kick people, I still roll on the floor and laugh whenever I watch a funny movie, I still dance like nobody’s watching, I still sleep like a dog and eat like a pig and I still dream about Neverland.

Life is still beautiful for me; I smell the roses and count my blessings, everyday.

And I still have my best friend around. :)

Well, this is my first milestone and I definitely look forward to the next...

[back ground mujik]
I see trrrees of greeen, red roses toooo
I see them bloom, for me and youooo
And I think to myselllff, what a wonderrrrful woorrrld

Yes I think to mysellllff, whaaaat aaa wonderrrfuuul woooorrrrld...

Tuesday, August 02, 2005


Lost it.

What? My skill to pen blogs.

Anyway I am trying to make a come back, so please bare with me guys?

Since the last time I have blogged a lot has happened. Two of the lot are - one I have changed my company and two a lotta my old pals have been replaced by older pals.

Didn’t get the latter? I made a lot of friends last year, what with the ‘just joined orkut’ boom. But somewhere down the line a lotta them sifted out of my life and a few valuable ones stuck with me through good times and great times. Out of whom, I owe my sanity to two of them.
R & S thanks guys.

Now I am back with my older gang, the one’s I almost grew up with. They are still the same, but I have changed a lot, I guess change is good. Personally I hate change, because I am too lazy to make the necessary amends that change demands. But so far change has always been good for me, so I aint complaining much.

Why are most of my 3.00 pm blogs sad? Life is sad at 3pm… you guys should see me at 7 ;)

My new jobs going great. It offers one thing the older one didn’t, challenge!

So far so good.