Thursday, June 30, 2011

Movied Out

Bitten by the Pakeezah bug, smitten by Meena Kumari's eyes.
Another man goes down...

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Life's tinted glasses

Perspective, the tinted glasses through which we view the world around us. Through one's perspective, a Gondola ride through Venice is a cherishing experience and for another it is an expensive ride in a glorified sewer.

It wasn't languages that divided the people at the Tower of Babel, rather it was the myriad tinted glasses that each chose to receive. The colors, the hues, the textures... the novelty of it all is still stirring the pot of humanity.

You say 'united we stand'. How am I to stand with you when we want to save different worlds?

As colors of a rainbow flowing together in white, our differences can be blend into one mono-toned stillness. But for that one glorious moment, just after the summer rain, our perspectives break out of that stillness as violet, indigo and red.

Come tell me your perspective and let me catch a glimpse of your world.