Saturday, August 21, 2004

Comfortably numb!

My first blog & am mailing from office on a saturday afternoon. Penning my thoughts is the last thing on my mind. Listening to Evanescence, wish I could scream 'wake me up inside' loud enough to deafen my boss!!!!!
Waiting for evening to arrive. Gonna watch Spidey atlast !!!
The day at the office has been normal so far, nothing exciting. Still searching for intelligent life forms here. Fun is alien here. Half are asleep & the rest are dreaming.
Morning read some srap about how Gandhiji's "ahimsa" & his principles lead to so much suffering in India & still is & how
Subash C. Bose(& his dictatorship) would have turned us around. Why doesnt anybody talk about whats possible now rather than talk about the past!!???
Is a dictator the only solution!!
I work under one I know how stifling it is!
The Indian show at the Olympics is pathetic. My friends SMS really amuses me- Anju George won Bhima Jewellers!!:)
I think I'm numb enough to sleep now.....
I'm gonna rock the weekend- that I will!!:)