Friday, January 28, 2005

Salwar Saga

A week dedicated to my salwars (and kameezas, dupattas, chudis, suits, chun... okay u got the point), the indian (??) answer to the international cloth shortage (pun intended)!

After some deliberation and dreamless nights, the sight of rotting salwars in my cupboard motivated me to dedicate an 'entire' week to them. So here I am waking up an entire half hour early, just to do that one thing all the decision challenged women supposedly do every morning, morning after morning, all around the world- Stare at their wardrobe in quiet adoration and utter confusion!!
And after I make the mind numbing decision of what goes with what and where,there comes the arduous task of 'ironing' them.
I'd rather prefer nailing my clothes to the wall, eternally creasefree u see!!
I have always had this aversion to ironing clothes, have been doing it all my life though. Is it that heavy ironbox? Or is it that creased cloth? Or is it that electric shock (grr...thanks for ur wiring dad!!)
Anyway when they invented Creasefree, I threw a huge treat, for myself, at Leela.

And thats not all, then comes the assortment of ear rings and bangles and sandles (gawd) and bindis and scrunchies and pins and I forgot the rest!

You might ask, being a woman why am I making a big deal of this??
Thats because i'm one of those rare (but now getting quite common) creatures, who if u seemed to pass by someday and saw me in a salwar suit, would faint in disbelief!!
Got the picture?

My life was blissful until the last week.
[flashback] Wake up half hour before my office bus could leave.
Do the needful in the needful rooms.
Then pull out the first jean's and t-shirt, which is at my nearest reach (wear them) and run (perverts!!) for the bus.

[sigh] Those days.

Well your next question would be if ur comfortable in them. then stick to jeans??
But my dear friend if u live in the 'real' world and not the set of Kuch Kuch Hota Hai, family pressure, peer pressure, cultural pressure and national pressure would be the words you'd be familiar with!!
And moreover nobody likes to be stereotyped, so here i'm stepping into the brave new world of metres of flowing cloth tucked, hemmed, embroidered, printed and starched, with a million different neck lines, most of them looking like something I would never write about. (My cousin and I have such a ball looking at these designs)

I'm not against salwars or for that matter, even sarees but, the extreme amount of care which goes into wearing them and the feminine grace and charm I'm supposed to ooze when I'm in them whether in rain, snow, sultry sun or climbing a mountain bare feet- thats where my problem starts!
Now, not all our lives are a car to carpet tale, are they?
Firstly I have to squeeze thyself in the cramped gaps of the so called public transport vehicle in my ironed salwar kameez, then do some acrobatics and ballet and hang on to the rod with just the toes on the ground!!
Then slap and yell at a few worthless souls and wake a few shameless oration champions from the ladies seat.
Then achieve the herculean task of getting out at the right stop, with the bus still stationary and then pull out my limbs, bag, dupatta, sandals (both mine), wig, etc etc

There goes my grace and charm!!

Now lemme talk about jeans and shirts...wah wah.
A Symbol of comfort, durablility, ease and fexibility.
(Keep the tight fits, embroidered and ones made up of rags and costing a bomb thingie- out of this list!)
I am hosting a shawl giving, garland putting, long speechy, lamp lighting types ceremony for that guy/gal who ever invented them.

Talking about tight fits, I have a few ultra-basic questions-
*How do u guys/gals get into them??
Do u wear them when u were the leanest and never take em off??
*Do u guys ever bend, stretch, climb, bow or even sit in them?
Call me I'd like to watch u all
*At the end of the day, how do get out of it?
U do right?

Ok back to my 'comfort fit' jeans
Climb a wall, kick a guy where u aim, ride a bike, squat, sleep or just chumma sitma.....they are all purpose, i say!!
My romance with T's and Jeans has been life long, i hope to keep it that way
My life long dream is to have a crime fighting elite team in purple- jeans and lycra- outfit.I'll spare u the unnecessary details like agenda, villians and weapons now. Interested parties can drop in their comments down somewhere here. The more comments u write, the more I will re-consider :)

Anyway, lemme run to the loo now and see whether my kajal has smudged or my bindi has tranformed into a sun-dial...
Hey WHERES my DuPatta??

PS: Next release, 'Saree- a boon or curse' ??


At 9:50 AM, Blogger Divya said...

wooow u defently make salwar-kameez users think agn about thr comfort level !! hmm i never thought how my kajjal looks at the end of the day , mabbe i sod start now!

At 8:14 PM, Blogger L*J said...

Well I'm happy that I have been able to motivate a few thinkers!!
[modesty intended]

At 10:15 PM, Blogger Vishnu said...

Wow!First hand report straight from a sweetheart!!

But i always thought Salwar was pretty easy to get into.

At 2:39 AM, Blogger L*J said...

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