Thursday, January 13, 2005

Happpiiieeee New Year

Another eventful year chucked away into the year book.
Man was this year EVENTFUL!!!
Marked with rock, booze, work, lots and lots of friends and personal triumph.
After all that I have been through last year I can proudly say I have emerged a "WINNER".
[astounding applause]

I have scaled the mount everest, I have travelled across the sahara using snow dogs and reached the south pole on a bicycle, I have tarvelled around this planet in three dimensions, I have.. I have I have.. oh yes I have ........

Ok now the most memorable event-
[narration mode]
On a hot sultry afternoon, I receive a mail from a very unlikely source. This collegue of mine mailed me an invite to something called orca.....arket.....orekit or something!!
I knew this was a scam instantly. I mean why would someone who does'nt even remember my name send me an invite to some "social networking group" in all camaraderie???!
I deleted that mail instantly and eyed that gal for signs of envy or ridicule for a few days (ok ok a few hours), but none appeared.
Again on another sultry afternoon, when the spiders in my head sang "They spun a web for me" over and over again , I fished out this deleted mail b4 I could start oozing out web-goo outta my orifices. And then it happened, I logged into .......tan tan ta daaaaan ............... *O*R*K*U*T*
[rolling drums and blasting trumpets]

Uske baad tho meri life ban gayi yaar,
Day or night, dusk or dawn, no one I mean no one could keep me away from this magical land of friends and communities, scraps and testimonials, dates and disasters.
Like i said b4 " meri tho life ban gayi yaaaaaaarr"

[senti mode]
I have to thank ORKUT a million times for what its given me, firstly friends- some so close that I would'nt forget them for life - joy, companionship, like minded devils like me, laughter, a reason to come to work, memories and so much self-worth.

So here I am a proud winner, a lucky survivor dedicating the year 2004 to all my friends -
new and old [sniff sniff], my family -all old, my neighbours, my bus driver, the sweet auto guys, the kamala stores uncle, the ever smiling office attendant Jayamma, the restaurant owners in ITPL who sustain me and at last but not the least my mobile phone siemens 550 who inspite of completing silver jubilee in touchdown over soil and rock, marble and wood, carpet and tar has still been very faithful to me.
Thank you, thank you all.
[blowing my nose into my t-shirt]

P.S: I just heard that I am gonna be promoted to Scientist (from trainee) in a few days
Feeling good, feeling very very good ; )


At 3:41 AM, Blogger jax said...

first of all, welcome back to blogging!!

and you are welcome again for letting us banaao-fying your life! :D

rock on this year too!

At 8:37 PM, Blogger L*J said...

thumba thumba thanksgalu ;)

At 1:47 AM, Blogger Vishnu said...

As Ajay said : welcome back to blogging!!!!

Yep,orkut had made the difference in my life as well.Iam eternally grateful to everything except some vodka incidents :-p


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