Monday, November 29, 2004


*Heard from Ay that I have a million thoughts in my head. But did he know that almost all of them are about food??!

* The Doors (rock group) were called The Windows before microsoft sued them.
-Ay :D

*My saddest moment is because of someone closest to my heart

*Since a blogger has been awarded with the supreme power to include anything, everything n nothing in her blog I shall proceed to do the same.

*Fun is had only when there is a lot of work to be done!! Procrastination adds value to fun!

*Is first impression actually very important??
Sometimes yes and sometimes no.
If he is funny I'm ready to give him another chance!!

*Does anybody know the real me?? Do I ?? :o

*What is the speed of darkness?

*Food is the way to my head!!

*Can I be all powerful and still sane?

*Why is the grass always greener on the otherside?

*Humankind is a virus on earth!

*People complete me.

*Why do my feet tap without my knowledge when there's music around??


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