Saturday, November 27, 2004

Fell in love with a voice

It was one of those boring wednesday mornings when I was stuck at work doing the only thing I hated the most! The only hope was the approaching weekend!
Browsing around I noticed this scrap on my brand 'new' orkut account which said-
"Liked your profile, can I add you as my friend??"
I wrote back "Yeah sure, why not?!!"

We started mailing since then and the fact that he was a perfect stranger with a face of a cartoon did'nt bother me!! I wondered-'Big deal, I was bugged and I would have done anything to save my brain from ceasing to exist because of lack of much needed"FUN" (which is anything but work)

After mailing for the rest of the week he seemed to be a 'normal' guy with no past criminal records and the mailing continued with complete zest for another week and now the urge to talk to that person behind the picture grew stronger, so we exchanged phone numbers.

The first time he called I was blown away. That voice oh yeah that heavenly voice.
First day we spoke for a few minutes, the next day for half hour and the next day an hour and then came the days we would call each other every hour!! I would wait for his call everyday and everytime the phone rang I'd be on cloud nine.

There was this strange comfort in his voice which soothed me. We'd talk nonsense for hours just to hear each others voice. That voice cheered me up, sometimes gave me hope, never made feel lonely and most of all helped me overcome things which I thought I would never letgo! That voice pulled me out of all the painful memories and helped me look at life with hope of a better tomorrow, a happier me and a life of friends and companionship. I still associate that voice with peace and comfort

Since then we have met several times, we know quite a lot about each other. We have shared memories that even my closest friends do not know about, we have become quite predictable, we have fought, argued and sometimes even been a pain. But even now when I ring him -when I I'm down or I'm confused or just plain bugged- his voice still has the same magic.

Yes I'm still in love with that voice, the voice of a stranger no more!


At 9:49 PM, Blogger Vishnu said...


Never saw this post.

Good that orkut is happening.

At 2:17 AM, Blogger L*J said...

ahaaan :)


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