Saturday, January 22, 2005

Little Things

Why does a childs innocent face makes my head empty and my heart brim with love?
Why does that hug makes me sigh in relief?
Why does that one pat on the shoulder, lifts me from gloom and gives me hope?
Why does that one face makes my heart skip a beat, everytime?
Why do some people hurt me so much when they say so little?
Why does that one song makes me cry?
Why does rain make me dance?
Why does a call from that one person, gets me excited?
Why is that one name so special?
Why do i look around when I hear that familiar voice?
Why does that familiar symphony remind me of a kind face?
Why do i smile at strangers when ever I smell that familiar perfume?
Why do I hate her for hurting me but forgive her in a flutter of an eye?

These are the little things that make our lives so interesting, so livable.
In this world full of pain, betrayal, crime and violence, these little things still make us smile and give us hope.
I'm greatful for all the generous souls in my life who think about me every minute and thank god for creating me, who do anything for my comfort and happiness, who are selfless enough to put me before them.
Thank you


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