Sunday, May 08, 2005

Practical LIfe

Its been quite some time since I have given some useful gyan. So here it is-
"Most often the fear of something bad happening, is worse than the actual event".

Like, whats behind that dark closet?
Who is the killer among all these guys in this horror flick?
What is that big black thing floating in my sambar?
Will I ever be able to move on if we break up?

I guess most of us have faced these questions and many more like them, sometime or the other. And most often than not, the fear of something going wrong is worse than the actual event. Agree?

One such fear kept me under bondage for two years. I kept myself chained to this imaginary relationship, taking on all the hardships and holding on to broken promises, for fear of not being able to cope on my own if that imaginary hand ever left me. But that day did come and it came so swiftly that I did'nt even realise that everything was over. The relief was awesome, but what was so unbelievable was the painlessness of it all. There was absolutely no regret, loss, tears or even sleepless nights. I was back to my good old self, actually much better, a state I like to call Maturity.

So guys even though it seems like an impossible task, never lose heart. You will be surprised how powerful your survival skills are.

Ok one last piece of advice before I finish this blog.
I live by this sentence everyday. Atleast I try to-
"Whatever you do, make sure that at the end of the day YOU are happy."

Happy Life guys : )


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