Thursday, March 02, 2006


Have any of you ever absolutely hated someone just for the basic reason that you hate him? You hated him from the moment you laid eyes on him and till today you can’t pin-point exactly what about him that you despise?
You just hate him, Period!
There’s something about him that screams to you that he deserves only your spite, poison, glares and anger.
Even if there is faint ray of hope that you might just like something about him, it is trampled by this blind, over whelming hatred. These are the people I am most passionate about, because they take up a lot of my time, energy and frustration in actively hating them. Everybody needs one of them to blame your misfortune, bad days, painful weather, India losing to Pakistan again and of course for just being an eye sore. Curiously they always end up doing something which always invites my wrath. So I aint gonna run outta these for a long time to come.

At the same time there are these select few whom I can’t help but love. It doesn’t matter that they are the one’s who hurt me the most, but I’d rather see them happy than sad. It’s just amazing how a self-centered, self-obsessed, self-righteous (you get the point) person like me can love people just for the simple reason that I love to love them. Rarely even, unconditionally.

And then there are the ‘Just there’ people. These could be called acquaintances in a broader sense of the term, but I have known them all my life so how can they be just acquaintances? At the same time, I barely ever go beyond ‘What’s New?’, ‘How’s your sick dad?’ (who had a cold 14 years back), ‘How is studies?’ etc. They are neither promoted nor demoted; they stay ‘Just there’ forever, on mutual agreement of course.

Now come the 'Storm in-Rush out' package. Someone who is introduced at a party as my friend’s brother’s neighbor’s colleague's classmate, exchange pleasantries and phone numbers, just happened to be free and end up having coffee, out-wit each other, flirt, steal glances, skip a beat, have a stupid fight, fantasize about, decide to tell him that we are more than friends and on the same day congratulate him on making up with his 'supposedly' ex-girl friend.
The next day, I just cant seem to remember where I saved his number.

Then come the largest category of people the ‘Acquaintances’. They are there just because they are too complicated to be categorised or are just not worth the effort.

Next come the most annoying, intriguing, tiring, relentless, awe inspiring category- RELATIVES!
Do I need to even explain them?

And last come the most interesting of them all, the ‘Love-Hate’ people. The creatures whom I love to hate and hate to love. Somewhere in my complicated life, these poor things ended up in opposite baskets of ‘I love you sooooo much chweetie pie’ to ‘Get the hell outta my face Bitch!’ lot accidentally or intentionally. And miraculously even the other way around.
Why are they interesting? Like they say ‘The best friends make the worst enemies’.

Well with all these people around me how can life ever be empty or boring? And everyday is a constant struggle of database management.
No wonder my favorite hobby is ‘People’- kissing them, kicking them, beating them, cheated, hated, trampled, encouraged, helped, heart broken, ignored, blessed, cursed, miracles, tragedies, hope, failure, disappointed, loved...
The list keeps me occupied and evolving.

Bring it on people!


At 8:05 PM, Blogger pr!tz said...

Lol.... I have a list of people I SIMPLY hate!! Thats it. No reasons, nothing! Psst... JAVED JAFFREY used to be on that list! Lol!!

At 11:11 PM, Blogger jax said...

Answer to your first paragraph question - NO!! NO WAY!!
Sickkkk you are! :-D

At 11:40 PM, Blogger shady said...

long time reader, but first time commentor. Nice post. You have a way with words. Consider yourself blessed!

At 9:51 AM, Blogger L*J said...

@ Pritz
Javed Jaffrey? Noooooooo he is such an amazing guy. Anyways you are allowed to hate someone for no reason :)

Yeah I am down with the flu[acccccccccchhhhhhhooooooo], thanks for asking.

Thanks dude, bouquets are always welcome :)
You have a good blog too, loved the one about your co-passengers in the office bus


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