Friday, June 02, 2006


‘Sorry Jaan’ he apologized, with concern writ across his face 'Cant make it today'.

She gulped thinking ‘not again?’. He knows that she has a short fuse and it gets shorter when people do not keep up their promises. She try’s hard, not to lose her temper and looks up blankly. ‘I didn’t make these plans Jaan, dad did. I am sorry’ he added.

She wanted to flee right then and never see him ever again. But she knew that she would have to. If only she was Road runner, she could have disappeared in a flash and since she wasn’t, she didn’t give it anymore thought. Speechless she sat there, afraid that if she parted her lips she might spew fire. ‘For once’ she told herself ‘Just for once, forgive him for breaking his promise’. But forgiving strangers was easier to her, than forgiving the one man she loved more than anybody else. She realized the irony and shrugged.

‘I have to go jaan. Don’t be angry' he added in a hurry.
She froze, while her mind raced and that familiar rush of rage was just rising in her belly. She wanted to hurt someone real bad. He called out to her again, breaking her reverie. She wanted to throw up. Pain and anger were never a palatable cocktail.

‘Jaan I have to leave now.’ She wanted to say something, anything. ‘I will see you later’ he added. She wanted to yell.
She wanted to stop him
She wanted to say, she needed him.
She wanted to tell him, she could not wait.
She wanted to tell him that, she had been counting seconds until that moment.
She wanted to tell him, there might not be a 'later'.
She wanted to tell him the minute he leaves, her world is going to fall apart.
She wanted to tell him ...

And right then the green turned gray on the IM and he was gone.

The painful wait starts again.


At 9:41 AM, Blogger Dr. Pissed said...

Get a kitten!

At 6:08 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh ha yawn hmmmmmm..... and so on

At 11:45 PM, Blogger Loonie said...

Love is strange. Togetherness in itself is. How does it feel when you want someone bad and they don't want you the same way.
When you want to spend time with him on a weekend, but he wants his guy friends because being 'together' every weekend seems mundane to him? ridiculous.
I feel terrible today

At 10:13 PM, Anonymous witnwisdumb said...

Been moseying around your blog a bit. Me likey! :P You've not provided a link to your site feed (it's available at /atom.xml, of course, but some people may not know that, and some like me, may just be very lazy).

I have subscribed tho, so count me among your regular visitors from now on ;)

Keep blogging!


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