Wednesday, May 03, 2006

What’s with all the mush?

I know what you all must be thinking- What’s with all this 'smile on a gloomy day’ saga? Why do I have so many gloomy days in the first place anyways? And secondly I am sure you guys have already got the point that I am ‘majorly’ in love, then what’s with me rubbing in all this mush?

But then honey this is MY blog and I will very well write about what ever I want!
Uhahahahhaha now while you run to your lonely, painful lives, my sweet heart and I will be walking on M.G. road, swinging our hands singing ’Love is in the air’.

But baby remember that Love does come at a price and I am paying mine. But then it’s all worth it, as long as I get that one sweet love filled gaze which makes me smile on a gloomy day…

[wicked laughter]


At 4:04 AM, Blogger Loonie said...

he he...itz amazing to bask in d warmth of sum special.n am totally njoying it!!:)
and d price i ve to pay is worth all dat love!!
same pinch lynnie!lifez gud!:)


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