Thursday, September 01, 2005

Sheeeesh Was that Sad!

You know guys, the best source of high in the world is a shandy of beer and sadness! Yes you heard it right, two pints of beer and a heart full of sadness gets you sooooooo bloody high, actually more than the same two pints of beer and rollicking laughter!

I know all you kindhearted people are wondering why is LJ sad? Boooohooooo, I’m sad cos one of my best friends who also happens to be one of my coolest colleague and partner in crime, is moving out of Bangalore. He is gonna be a PhD in a few years and I am really truly happy for this dude! But then he also happens to be in this big list of friends who ditched Bangalore in search of greener pasture. And I am left behind all alone to chuck peanuts at strangers on MG road!

If this isn’t sad then what is?

Anyways, so yesterday we were in this place that Su calls ‘home’, drowning our sorrow and celebrating his good luck(he is one of the two who were selected from 2500 people! Way to go dude), and a great career n life ahead. And since it was’nt yet the weekend, I couldn’t get too drunk. So I just had two pints.

Insight Huddle:

Long gone are the days, when I used to see the stars after half a mug of beer(Oh those days)! Nowadays getting sloshed is a costly affair. And since I am a serious beer fan I have always been faithful to my mojo, my beer!

But last night was different I was riding the highway to hell just after two? Haaaain?

Now that both scared and amused me. Scared because this aint happened in a very looooooooooong time and amused because my English hadn’t sounded like German, in centuries!

And all this because I was sad and a lil happy just for garnish! Too sad is too bad you see and I cant do that, because I love my life, no matter how hard it kicks me sometimes!

Anyways people heres a worthy tip throw your razors out, grow that dirty beard, don that matted hair, grab a bottle and start singing like Devdas!!

And call me when you do because I am gonna laugh my ass out watching you guys do that … haha

Ps:BTW a blonde firang was checking me out all night and even waved goodbye when he/she left! The only problem is neither me nor my friends could tell if it was a guy or a gal...hmmmm!


At 2:53 AM, Blogger NGM said...

Hey what are these:

"--if !supportEmptyParas]-- -[endif]--"

Even though i dont mind it, can you please get rid of them?

Its may be an error in the HTML template

At 8:48 PM, Blogger L*J said...

What Paras Naras, I dont see anything!

At 10:50 PM, Blogger NGM said...

I use IE, may be you are using a different browser

At 7:55 PM, Blogger abhinav said...

i'm smitten


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