Monday, September 20, 2004

Official notice:

Due to excessive expenditure on my prepaid cards I have decided to hold on to the 41ps balance in my phone as long as I can stretch it or walk around with a straight face holding a useless phone, like in those good old college days!!
In the mean time I might (blame it on that good-for-nothing Hooch) receive ur messages n only smile back in response- which would without doubt be laced with immense gratitude, laav n affection.
Remember this is the best reply that any of u could EVER get, so hold on to 'em. This limited edition offer will be available on first come first serve basis or whoever could flatter me the most : )
Please forgive my stinginess errr.. state of monetary challenge & remember ur vows that you would be my friends in health, stealth, wealth n low phone balance.
Laav ya all,
Urs in debt,


At 7:52 AM, Blogger sudhi said...

keep dreaming....


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