Thursday, September 02, 2004


Here Iam to gather my pearls of wisdom PAINFULLY acquired last week. My maturity doubled in just 7 days .....lifes lessons are crammed!!
Well here they are

1) I cant impress my mom no matter how good or bad I am.
2)Stop taking guilty trips cos they never make me feel good & the longer it is the worthless I I'm gonna decline the role of Lady Macbeth and be a simple spoilt city brat.
3)I have to talk to my BF (occasionally) to see if our expectations are overtaking each others!!
4)If I wanna have fun then I better be cool.
5)*This point is corrently under maintenance*
With all this Gyan I can now take on anybody n any situation.....I guess!
I hope to imbibe them in my years.....errr...days to come. A few of them are gonna backfire for sure but then life's a gamble I'm willing to bet on.
Yesterday we had a new priest in the group sessions who spoke to us about "How to pray the WHOLE day".The technique (which was imparted to us free of charge) was to associate our breath with the name of Je-sus. I practiced that for 14 min yesterday & tried that for two seconds today but my mind was too preoccupied to just think about one name!!!
I have been mailing like a maniac today as well, my partner in crime RM & I have exchanged about 110+ mails with each other. Who needs a chat room or messenger when we have fast n efficient internet access n the patience & time to go with regular mail . Nope its not heights of joblessness but just an earnest effort to keep in touch with friend/s & utilise company resources!
The curtains are down on monday at am 5 days closer to sunday,-which is going to flash by me faster than light-but its the hope of a fun weekend which keeps me going through this drudgery.
Monday comedy here I come..........................


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