Friday, September 10, 2004

Krackpot Kadlekai

Well I guess thats what I am sometimes atleast. Why?? U'll see
Right now in my head: Why yaar, I mean I know the answers to all the questions, I know how the events are gonna turn out, I know when things are gonna backfire but still expect different results n to top it all I depress myself that things arent going MY way when I know that I'm just a pawn in the game!! (nope i'm not even a bulldozing Rook in my life....well not yet)
For the hundredth time lemme think about it, is it worth taking control of MY life???
Be responsible for my choices, victories n goof ups. Make everyday a new adventure, a pursuit to acheive whatever I will- run, drive, eat, dance, fall, kill( in the long run) or chose to just laze around doing nothing & wait for the sands of time to slip away through my fingers.
If so then who will I blame my failures on?? Who will I take for granted?? Who will I trust no matter what goes wrong??
Is this why I live with my parents??? Willingly leading a life of a hypocrite!???
Is this why I'm gonna marry someone my parents found best for me n 'settle down' ???
Once bitten twice shy , so here I take the beaten path again.
Oh sweet life I embrace thee wih pseudo-adventures & secret-rebellion


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