Saturday, September 18, 2004

Its gettin hot in here

Awakened by the jolt of Caffeine (at last) I'm sitting here writing this blog on a sultry saturday afternoon at.. at.. at.. where else but work yaar!!!
Here 'work' is just a noun-the rest is left for u non-mensans to decipher.

Wats new??
Just bought a new pair of Wrangler jeans from the mall for Rs **9/-
Have'nt tried them out yet, but I can already smell something fishy!
I mean something so good & branded for such a measly...errrr.... reasonable amount, who would'nt??!!

Just noticed the huge dent on my forehead resembling my neighbour's Maruthi, due to repeated collisions with the key-board.
Its high time we invented soft n fluffy, padded keyboards to prevent such acci-dents at work & which also aid us in 'deeper' thinking.

Idea !! Patent!!
And nobody is stealing my patent this time!
I'm not gonna lose this chance to pay my 'debt to the society' again, like I did with the nail-polish-blow-drier (Item code 4831 on Zee telemarketing), hair-color-detector, tricolored-cardboard-straw, manual-cassette-rewinder to just name a few!

I have run out of music to listen to. My favourites this week turn into
I_dont_want_to_listen_to_them_ever_again list the next week!! Another reason to sulk...[sigh]

Suddenly I have run out of things in my life worty of writing about too!!
Is this writers block or just lack of stimulating experiences?
I know friends who have visited new places, trekked mountains, swam the seas, made friends with the leeches,been to late night shows & to every pub n disc in the city, sorry town of Bangalore & here I am playing my role of the "respectful" daughter- saving my family's honor- to perfection.Who never reaches home later than 8 at night n doesnt even dream of leaving Bangalore seeking alien adrenaline rush for the fear of being away from home n ever-monitoring family!!!!
When I'm not able to fill this blog with my experiences what will I fill my autobiography with??
I know, I'm going to be like Jesus Christ (no not in divinity)
Like Him the first 30 years of my life will go unrecorded, bcos theres NOTHING to RECORD!!!
What chilling n thrilling excerpts from my life would I narrate as night-time stories to my children & their children n their...????
I guess my regular masala story would be- How I sat before my computer week after week, gaining valuable experience in 'The Tanning Effects of Computer Rays' - that should put them to sleep early!!
"101 ways to sit at home pining"
Or better still
"Kalapani, The Inside Story"

Wait a sec.....
Why cant I talk about my Cyber adventures??
The word of the future will be "Virtual Reality"!!!
Whose gonna talk about sweat n grime??! Whose gonna believe in calorie wasting, costly n time consuming adventures!??
Its goint to be the era of the who is who in virtual adventure inc.
And here I am with all the my exhilarating adventures, the stuff Legends are made of.
Suddenly my life isnt as boring as it seemed. I have acheived feats in Virtual Reality never concieved before!!!!
My autobiography would define the new-age science fiction!! It will be the bench mark for Virtual-Reality-partly-fictitious-page turner-series
Again, Hope reigns in Lyn-ville........

I'm ending this blog before my optimism drains away with the effects of caffeine!


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