Sunday, March 20, 2005

The Black week

Yup the Black week (aka Passion week) is here, no matter how much I run away from it, its back, again!!
Well Black week is the week which starts with Palm Sunday and ends in Easter.
For the uninitiated Palm Sunday is the day Jesus was welcomed into Jerusalem like a saviour and sacrificed like a scapegoat on Good Friday (Crucifiction) and on Easter sunday he was resurrected.

I am not a very religious person (well atleast not anymore) but the Christian values are imbibed very deep in me, its a definite result of years of conditioning. There was a time when I could'nt do without attending sunday mass', but slowly I have overcome that obligation too (along with a lotta others). I am not exactly happy with this transition, I realised this yesterday when I entered church again, after a very very long sabbatical and I was engulfed with the same old feeling which nurtured me for quite some time, we call it the 'spirit' and I see mine is still very much alive. So I guess even though I may not be a staunch Christian, I would always be a chistian never-the-less. My mom will be happy reading this! My sudden aversion to religion shocked her immensely, the thought of me turning into an atheist was overshadowed by her worst fear, me converting into another religion!! Ma, I can never do that!

Well back to Black week. I know that its just the re-enactment of what happened some 2000 years ago, but the pain and anguish which it creates in me has never diminished. I go through this very weird (thats the only word I could think of) cycle of feelings. Which starts with gloom, to fear, to anger, to pain, to suffering, to hope and finally joy, abundant joy.
Lets see if this year is any different!


At 10:35 PM, Anonymous Saj said...

Intresting Entry...Thought Provoking ;-)

At 10:49 PM, Blogger L*J said...

I hope its the right train of thought!


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